normalopen[waiting] XMX XCMania app to join open validation server[HELP]2021-02-24
normalopen[waiting] XCA application approval[HELP]2021-03-11
normalopen[waiting] XBM assigned for burnair App[HELP]2022-06-29
normalopen[waiting] vali for iphone app -[HELP]2023-10-04
normalopenUpdate vali-fla.exe to version 2.1.0[RFE]2023-11-20
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From Season 2024 on,
any new Software Validation like for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux requires a NAC statement (or often its delegated National Association). National Airsport Control (NAC) Authorities for Gliding or Hanggliding/Paragliding may issue National Approval Documents for each type of Position Recorder or Software, having checked that related IGC Sporting Code rules or CIVL rules and National documents are complied with, by the recording device or software concerned. The NAC or its delegated National Association will simple declare, that the new Position Recorder or Software in question, is required to run the National XC Contest and is compliant to Sporting Code.
We don't require a special form or letter. The NAC person, responsible for the National XC Championship (sometimes called XC Administrator or also sometimes an Observer) can create a Ticket here, and provide just a short statement.
Usual major Online Platforms of WXC Attending Nations like XContest, XCGlobe, DHVXC do have proper contacts to their National XC Admin Team and NAC persons.
This change will not affect GNSS approved FAI Flight Recorders, or any software request from Season 2023 and earlier. This procedure is similar (but simplified) like the procedure for Postion Recorders published here. (

From Season 2023 on,
Pilot Support tickets are usual not accepted any more.
Simply please ask your National Administrator team first.
If needed, your National Administrator/Observer can create a ticket here.
Pilots without an attending National Contest can still raise a ticket here, to get help.

General process,
Tickets in Status Waiting will be cancelled after 18 month waiting for Ticket creator response.

PLEASE check our FAQ before submitting a Support Ticket !
NEW Most common Pilot Question: My XContest flights are missing at WXC...
is now answered at the FAQ XContest Section.


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