normalopen[working] XVB instrument approval (XC INSTRUMENTS)[HELP]2020-02-25
normalopen[waiting] XDG update Digifly validation program[HELP]2020-04-21
normalopen[working] duplicated flight Xctracer vs FlymasterLive IGC file[HELP]2020-12-07
normalopen[waiting] SportsTrackLive validation for IGC files[RFE]2021-01-30
normalopenXCMania app to join open validation server[HELP]2021-02-24
normalopenXCA application approval[HELP]2021-03-11
normalopen[working] Implement Ukrainian National Contest[RFE]2021-05-18
normalopen[working] Request for XWC FR software implementation[HELP]2021-08-01
normalopenBlueflyvario IGC[HELP]2021-08-13
normalopen[working] Implement Ukrainian Online contest[HELP]2022-02-08
normalopenNo progress with ticket 62168770[HELP]2022-05-24
normalopen[working] XBM assigned for burnair App[HELP]2022-06-29
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