normalopen[waiting] XDG update Digifly validation program[HELP]2020-04-21
normalopenXCMania app to join open validation server[HELP]2021-02-24
normalopenXCA application approval[HELP]2021-03-11
normalopen[working] XWC FR software implementation[HELP]2021-08-01
normalopenBlueflyvario IGC[HELP]2021-08-13
normalopenNo progress with ticket 62168770[HELP]2022-05-24
normalopen[working] XBM assigned for burnair App[HELP]2022-06-29
normalopeniOS XCMania IGC Approval request[HELP]2022-10-02
normalopeniOS XCMania IGC Approval request[HELP]2022-10-02
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From Season 2023 on, Pilot Support tickets are usual not accepted any more.
Simply please ask your National Administrator team first.
If needed, your National Administrator/Observer can create a ticket here.

Pilots without an attending National Contest can still raise a ticket here, to get help.

PLEASE check our FAQ before submitting a Support Ticket !
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