normalopen[working] System Hardware failure - civlrankings, wprs, vali, WXC requires restore[HELP]2018-01-21
normalopen[working] XMI MipFly flight instrument[HELP]2018-03-152018-06-10
normalopen[working] Latest conformity - Flymaster[HELP]2018-07-02
normalopen[working] Alfapilot Instruments Update to FAI Cat 1[RFE]2018-07-14
normalopen[working] Flight recorders, compatible with CIVL draft specification[HELP]2018-09-11
normalopenXSF web link[RFE]2018-09-12
normalopenCIVL Level 2 Approval[HELP]2018-09-14
normalopen[working] XRV new Android application Aviator[HELP]2018-11-05
normalopen[working] XFI New Flymaster igc validation tool[RFE]2018-12-04
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