normalopen[waiting] XCA application approval[HELP]2021-03-11
normalclosed[solved] maps at WXC flight info page not rendered [BUG]2010-03-212010-03-21
normalclosed[solved] flights from Lukas Bader (dhvxc) not synced to WXC[HELP]2010-03-222010-03-22
normalclosed[solved] PGForum flights not synced to WXC, pgforum developer informed at 20.Mar.2010 (issue at pgforum)[HELP]2010-03-222010-03-23
normalclosed[solved] XCBrasil do not sync to WXC, XCBrasil Server down. Provider informed at 20.Mar.2010[HELP]2010-03-222010-03-29
highclosed[solved] Bug at syncWXC2 at XCBrasil cause no sync to wxc[BUG]2010-03-292010-03-30
normalclosed[solved] Implement AT(HG) synced from DHVXC[RFE]2010-03-222010-03-31
normalclosed[solved] LeonardoXC syncWXC2 will sync flights with airspace violations[BUG]2010-04-042010-04-04
normalclosed[solved] Implement SI import (wxc sync)[RFE]2010-03-222010-04-04
normalclosed[solved] Implement AU import (wxc sync from xcaustralia)[RFE]2010-04-062010-04-06
normalclosed[solved] Flights removed from WXC[HELP]2010-04-122010-04-14
highclosed[solved] WXC sync from DHVXC broken (defect at DHVXC server side)[BUG]2010-04-152010-05-06
normalclosed[solved] aftrack igc file validated always as defect[BUG]2010-05-192010-05-19
normalclosed[solved] Implement pilot sanity check at wxc pull[BUG]2010-03-222010-06-03
normalclosed[solved] new vali-xpy. Registering G-Record Validation Software[RFE]2010-04-162010-06-04
highclosed[solved] no swiss xc flights at wxc (seems deleted at network protocol level by xcontest server, xcontest informed)[HELP]2010-05-252010-06-07
normalclosed[solved] calculation of FAI triangle points is sometimes wrong and calculate a flat triangle[BUG]2010-06-292010-06-29
highclosed[solved] dhvxc fail to sync[BUG]2010-07-122010-07-12
lowclosed[solved] IGCLogger for Symbian OS[HELP]2010-07-052010-07-12
normalclosed[solved] Flight from 28.04.2010 missing (due to disabled at sync by Nat Admin, working with dhvxc to fix leonardo code)[BUG]2010-06-092010-07-15
lowclosed[solved] dhvxc: flight missing for Christopher Beck at 24/05/2010 (issue at dhvxc sync)[HELP]2010-07-252010-09-12
normalclosed[solved] missing xcontest flights for Thomas Koster (SHV/CH) Reason: IGC files (dates) defect due to MaxPunkte Bug[HELP]2010-09-102010-09-14
highclosed[solved] xml sync from dhvxc broken, bug on dhvxc sync script. workaround at wxc to cover this leonardoxc bug[BUG]2010-09-162010-09-16
normalclosed[solved] implement vali for reversale logger [RFE]2010-08-242010-11-22
lowclosed[solved] DHVXC: Missing 122km flight from Markus Henninger from April[HELP]2010-07-192010-11-30
lowclosed[solved] gipsy validation exe cause crashes (xcontest informed, received no response - cancle service ticket)[BUG]2010-04-082010-12-01
normalclosed[solved] integrate validation for skytraxx logger[RFE]2010-05-122010-12-01
normalclosed[solved] Support for LK8000 flight logs[RFE]2011-02-212011-03-03
normalclosed[solved] import flights for Jean-Yves Touzac[HELP]2011-03-082011-03-26
normalclosed[solved] Flights missing at WXC for Rene Pauly, Issue at DHVXC marking flights internal as to be "deleted" [HELP]2011-04-122011-04-13
normalclosed[solved] Thermgeek Validierung[RFE]2011-03-022011-04-16
normalclosed[solved] Implement BR sync for[RFE]2010-03-222011-04-18
normalclosed[solved] vali server is infrequent sending error 500 for batch processing[BUG]2011-04-192011-04-19
lowclosed[solved] XCC-PL: Problem with upload photo[BUG]2011-04-132011-04-20
normalclosed[solved] Flights from XCC not synced to WXC -> Solution: pilot data corrected (xcccivldb) [HELP]2011-04-222011-04-22
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normalclosed[solved] missing flights for Markus Hassler at wxc[HELP]2011-04-172011-05-18
highclosed[solved] DHVXC do not sync longer to FAI WXC: DHVXC side fixed[BUG]2011-05-182011-05-19
lowclosed[solved] check sync betweed ccc and wxc[HELP]2011-05-272011-06-01
normalclosed[solved] Implement AU import (wxc sync from xcontest) :: closed as duplicate of ticket 96726785 [RFE]2010-04-062011-06-15
lowclosed[solved] pg flights from Austria #Reason XContest Austria not attending WXC :: duplicate of 96726785[HELP]2011-05-202011-06-15
normalclosed[solved] pls implement WXC sync for Austria and Australia[RFE]2011-06-142011-06-17
normalclosed[solved] sync missing flights from pgforum / solution: improved urlencoding at sync[HELP]2011-06-202011-06-20
highclosed[solved] defect at XCcontest Server (CCC) - do not longer sync to WXC since 2.August2011[HELP]2011-08-042011-08-08
normalclosed[solved] xcontest flights from italian pilot (civl database) not seen at WXC[HELP]2011-10-052011-10-07
normalclosed[solved] Does FAI WXC still support and score paraglider open class ?[HELP]2011-10-162011-10-16
normalclosed[solved] 2011 serial class complain handling, (complain period)[BUG]2011-10-162011-10-16
normalclosed[solved] Open class on a serial class wing[HELP]2011-08-152011-10-16
lowclosed[solved] Broken/outdated links on[BUG]2011-10-212011-10-22
highclosed[solved] RFE LK8000 new IGC validation system, not needed, still same key as before[RFE]2011-12-032011-12-03
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normalclosed[solved] implement WXC Sync for Italy (from xcontest)[RFE]2011-10-242012-01-16
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normalclosed[solved] Implementing Dutch contest at dhvxc + wxc sync[RFE]2011-12-042012-01-16
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normalclosed[solved] KML conversion defect at WXC/XCC[BUG]2010-11-222012-02-27
normalclosed[solved] Implement XContest WXC sync for Lithuania[RFE]2012-02-282012-02-29
normalclosed[solved] Implement EW Avionics GNSS Logger validation[RFE]2012-03-032012-03-03
normalclosed[solved] XcBrasil sync, pls check pilot Thomas Milko, cause: flights silent marked as deleted at xcbrasil[HELP]2012-02-272012-03-03
highclosed[solved] XcBrasil sync check. Cause: defect on Leonardo sync code[HELP]2012-03-052012-03-06
lowclosed[solved] RFE pls implement a sample how to convert the JSON result string into CSV for Excel[RFE]2012-03-102012-03-10
highclosed[solved] wrong class at womens scoring cause: DHVXC xfer wrong PG classes over network[HELP]2012-03-082012-03-10
lowclosed[solved] XCC-PL: please add Peru Kenya and Nepal for flight submissions[RFE]2012-03-102012-03-10
lowclosed[solved] XCC-PL RFE pls implement KMZ conversion for IGC files[RFE]2012-03-112012-03-11
lowclosed[solved] WXC RFE pls implement a more readable Server Participants list[RFE]2012-03-112012-03-11
normalclosed[solved] XCC-PL Google map link implementation[HELP]2012-03-112012-03-11
normalclosed[solved] defect igc file storage handling when wxc sync got flag [BUG]2010-05-072012-03-11
lowclosed[solved] RFE: optimizer need to handle flights with no igc file [RFE]2010-04-022012-03-11
normalclosed[solved] XCC-PL to google map again :)[BUG]2012-03-122012-03-12
normalclosed[solved] XCC-PL 6flight scoring result should mark unchecked flights yellow[RFE]2012-03-122012-03-14
lowclosed[solved] Score computation differences to CFD, due to other rules in CFD compared to WXC[HELP]2012-03-122012-03-15
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normalclosed[solved] Claudia not on serial class -> Defect on Leonardo code syncing wrong classes[HELP]2012-03-282012-03-28
lowclosed[solved] defect or manipulated IGC file should be not scored at daily score[BUG]2010-03-222012-04-02
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normalclosed[solved] flights marked red on WXC | cause: Gpsbabel as Gps software is not supported to generate IGC files[HELP]2012-04-022012-04-19
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Summary Line Sub-Status informations
[solved] = Issue completed, solved
[waiting] = Support is waiting for response from ticket creator
[working] = Support is working on the ticket
[cancelled] = Ticket is cancelled for various reasons, for example no response from ticket creator. Or question is obsolete.
[postponed] = Ticket is is on hold for various reasons. Ticket Creator and Support is not active working on it.
[duplicate] = Ticket is closed as a duplicate of another existing open ticket.

From Season 2024 on,
any new Software Validation like for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux requires a NAC statement (or often its delegated National Association). National Airsport Control (NAC) Authorities for Gliding or Hanggliding/Paragliding may issue National Approval Documents for each type of Position Recorder or Software, having checked that related IGC Sporting Code rules or CIVL rules and National documents are complied with, by the recording device or software concerned. The NAC or its delegated National Association will simple declare, that the new Position Recorder or Software in question, is required to run the National XC Contest and is compliant to Sporting Code.
We don't require a special form or letter. The NAC person, responsible for the National XC Championship (sometimes called XC Administrator or also sometimes an Observer) can create a Ticket here, and provide just a short statement.
Usual major Online Platforms of WXC Attending Nations like XContest, XCGlobe, DHVXC do have proper contacts to their National XC Admin Team and NAC persons.
This change will not affect GNSS approved FAI Flight Recorders, or any software request from Season 2023 and earlier. This procedure is similar (but simplified) like the procedure for Postion Recorders published here. (

From Season 2023 on,
Pilot Support tickets are not accepted any more, and will be cancelled.
Simply please ask your National Administrator team first.
If needed, your National Administrator/Observer can create a ticket here.
If you do not know who is your National Administrator/Observer, ask your CIVL delegate, or look into your OnlineContest Sporting rules. Or check the web page where you upload your flights, for a proper contact.
Pilots without an attending National Contest can ask his delegate

General process,
Tickets in Status Waiting might be cancelled after 12 month waiting for Ticket creator response.

PLEASE check our FAQ before submitting a Support Ticket !
NEW Most common Pilot Question: My XContest flights are missing at WXC...
is now answered at the FAQ XContest Section.


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